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InetSolution provides SSAE 16 audited compliant website hosting for credit unions.

Failover & Disaster Recovery For Banks & Credit Unions
Plan ahead for efficient response in the event of a hack or defacement.

One key preparation step is to have a fallback or disaster recovery website that is always online, free from infection of any malicious code, and ready to replace the main website temporarily.

Website Failover Ideal Scenario

An ideal scenario for website failover is one where multiple, synchronized copies of the website exist on multiple servers that are hosted in multiple InetSolution data centers in geographically diverse regions. When the budget exists to support this configuration, then this provides a highly resilient hosting configuration that can handle extreme disaster scenarios without customers ever experiencing a disruption. Unfortunately, this type of setup typically costs $1,000 per month or more and not all banks & credit unions can afford this.

What is the minimum a failover site include?

A more affordable alternative to the configuration described above is a single page failover website. The single page failover sites that we create for our small bank and credit union clients are a low cost option that provide an always-on option should the primary website ever be unavailable, either for planned upgrades or an unusual disaster scenario.

Single page failover sites typically include:

  • Links to login pages for online banking and other key services
  • Phone numbers, live chat, and other important contact information
  • Links to the organization's social media pages
  • A simple message indicating that the main website is temporarily unavailable

Redirecting visitors to your failover website can be completed in a matter of minutes. By redirecting visitors to your failover site, you minimize the impact that website downtime could have on your customers, whether planned or unplanned.

Setting up a failover site on a budget

The best time for a bank or credit union to prepare a disaster recovery fallback site is right now. The site should be hosted live at all times so that you can direct visitors to it within minutes of discovering issues on your main website. Redirecting visitors should be an early step in your response plan checklist for website breaches.

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