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Shared vs. Dedicated Servers
SSAE 18 Credit Union Web Hosting

What is the difference between Virtual Shared and Dedicated Server Hosting?

The hardware, bandwidth, security and services are all the same. The people supporting your website are the same.

Shared servers and dedicated servers both offer good security – so what is actually different?

Shared Servers

Adequate for Most Credit Unions

Your website will be sharing memory, CPU and storage resources with other secure credit union websites.

All of the data associated with your website is private and only accessible by you. Virtual Shared server plans cost less because they share a portion of a server with other credit unions.

Common Examples

  • Your main credit union website ("homepage")
  • A mobile-optimized credit union website
  • A website built on common technology that doesn't require custom configurations


  • Shared servers are not as customizable as dedicated servers, which can be a consideration for certain websites and applications.
  • Shared servers also impose resource caps, so are best for low to moderate traffic websites.

Shared Servers

Dedicated Servers

Needed for Large Sites & Web Applications

Your website is the only site that exists on the server, and therefore has sole access to the memory, CPU, and storage resources.

In addition, we offer the ability for you to install custom software or perform specialized configurations for your credit union's unique needs.

Necessitates a Dedicated Server

  • 500+ Concurrent Users
  • Processor or Memory Intensive Web Apps
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Installing Custom Software

Dedicated Servers

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