Secure Credit Union Website Hosting
InetSolution provides SSAE 16 audited compliant website hosting for credit unions.

Data Centers
SSAE 18 Audited Credit Union Hosting

About Our Data Centers

When you entrust your data to us, we make sure it's available 24/7 and safe.

Your website, application and data will live in our real, "just-like-on-TV" data center , complete with anti-static flooring , both DC and AC power backup, multi-provider internet connectivity and enough cooling power to keep penguins feeling right at home.


How We Do It


Diesel-powered generator with 2,000 gallon fuel tank for long-term utility power backup

Redundant power supplies, hard disks, and server blades for web, DNS, and mail servers

Gated parking lot, surveillance cameras, and key-card controlled access to data center

Hardware firewall & intrusion prevention systems to prevent unauthorized network access

Enterprise-class servers (top-of-the-line IBM, HP and Intel hardware)

24/7 data center monitoring and network operations support staff

Fully redundant fiber optic connectivity (four carriers)

All servers, switches and firewalls housed in Liebert locked cabinets

UPS power backup for immediate power loss protection

Climate controlled data center

Fire suppression system

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