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InetSolution provides SSAE 16 audited compliant website hosting for credit unions.

Due Diligence
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided services to hundreds of credit unions, all of whom have performed proper due diligence before working with us. To simplify your process and save you time, we've assembled this list of questions that credit unions most frequently ask us. We're happy to answer any question questions that you have. You can call us at (586) 726-9490 or contact us.

How are we different than typical hosting companies?

Most hosting companies focus on hosting a high volume of websites of all types, with minimal emphasis on security or individual website performance. We specialize exclusively in high security, managed hosting for financial institutions. This means that our network has the safety and security measures in place that credit unions need to meet their strict compliance requirements. From hardware firewalls and active intrusion prevention systems to routine vulnerability and malware scanning, your website will have several layers of additional protection than it would in a typical hosting environment.

Do we provide documentation to help fulfill due diligence requirements?

Absolutely. We publish a report every year for our clients that details our internal controls, disaster recovery process, company financial data, insurance information, and an SSAE 18 report. We will provide this to you prior to committing to a new hosting service.

How long have we been in business?

We have been in continuous, profitable operation since 1998.

Will InetSolution provide references of other financial institutions?

You bet. We want you to talk to our current clients since they're our most vocal advocates. We’ve been serving the financial industry for over 18 years so we have a very long list of bank and credit union clients from coast to coast, ranging in size from single branch operations to multi-billion dollar institutions.

Which online banking providers does our hosting support?

We are provider neutral, which means that you may host your online banking with any provider that you wish. We fully support remote login from your website to all online banking providers that allow it, including Intuit, Fiserv, Jack Henry, Metavante, FIS, and most other providers.

What type of redundancy do we have in place?

Virtually every aspect of our hosting environment has redundancy built-in. In addition, we can configure hosting plans that achieve nearly any type of server and application redundancy that is practical for your technical and budgetary needs.

Do we work with any credit unions near ________________________?

In all likelihood, unless you live in an area that Google Maps hasn’t even found yet, then we have clients near you. Having said that, our hosting or development services are not limited or even influenced by geography. While all of our employees are based in the United States, we work with clients throughout the world.

Which CMS platforms does our hosting environment support?

We are provider neutral with regard to CMS platforms. This means that we can support most popular CMS platforms on the market, including Kentico, Joomla, WordPress, C1, SiteCore, Umbraco, SiteFinity, and others. We also fully support the advanced encryption and staging site features of the Kentico CMS.

We will also host custom-built CMS platforms, but we do require that our security team completes a code audit to assess vulnerability risk of any custom CMS before we can accept it into our hosting network.

Do we provide provide technical support?

Absolutely we do. We provide support by telephone and an online help desk 24/7. We monitor our network 24/7/365 for service availability and performance.

We can also provide application monitoring for your website or web-based applications hosted in our data center and respond proactively without you needing to open a support request. This type of monitoring allows us to detect and usually correct issues with your website functionality. We can configure a monitoring program that meets your budget and SLA requirements.

Do we have website design and development expertise?

If you do not already have web development partner, then we are an ideal partner for credit unions. Not only have we designed and programmed 13 complete online banking systems from the ground up, but we have also designed and programmed hundreds of marketing websites, mobile sites, and web apps for banks and credit unions throughout the United States. We also have extensive credit union compliance and security knowledge that far exceeds that of typical web development firms.

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