Secure Credit Union Website Hosting
InetSolution provides SSAE 16 audited compliant website hosting for credit unions.

Secure Forms & Applications for Banks and Credit Unions
Account opening, loan applications, landing page responses, and more.

High Security Encrypted Forms

We have designed and programmed hundreds of highly secure, user friendly forms for financial institutions. Using a combination of SSL and our MemberProtect® encryption technology, data that your visitors submit through forms on your website is encrypted during transmission and while it is safely stored inside tightly controlled database servers. Your website forms will meet current FDIC, NCUA, FFIEC, and security industry standards for protecting customer data.

Online Submission Management

Our Secure Online Form system allows you to securely view and delete submissions once you've processed them, allowing you to adhere to the security principle of storing sensitive data in as few places as possible for the shortest time possible. You can even setup auto-purging to protect your customers' privacy and keep your database storage in check.

Our system also helps ensure that your staff can easily see whether inquiries have been viewed within your stated customer service respone timeframes. This helps you to keep your service commitments to your customers.

Additionally, we're experts at integrating websites with third-party systems, such as loan origination, credit bureaus, cores, and many other systems that you may want to import your data into.

Encrypted Database Screenshot

DIY Encrypted Forms

We've built our encryption technology directly into the CMS to allow you to build your own encrypted forms right inside the CMS. High-strength encryption means that you can safely create forms that ask customers for sensitive information, such as account numbers, social security numbers, and other P.I.I.

Building forms inside the secure CMS provides additional security since you no longer have to use third-party services to build and host your secure forms. When a visitor submits a form, the data is immediately encrypted and stored in a secure database server directly inside our data centers -- no more third-parties or linked forms that put data at risk.

Conversion Tracking for Forms

We can program your forms to integrate with Google Anlalytics to track advertising campaigns through conversion so that you can see which campaigns, keywords, on-site ads, and third-party websites produced the results you're seeking.

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